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Connect to Azure ExpressRoute over satellite

Create a private connection for a reliable and faster connection to the cloud

Azure ExpressRoute over Viasat satellites

Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest growing cloud service providers, with integrated cloud capabilities such as computing, database networking, and storage. Microsoft launched Azure ExpressRoute for customers needing a private cloud connection that would deliver more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latency to the Azure cloud than typical internet connections. That’s why Viasat teamed up with Microsoft Azure to be one of the first satellite providers to provide enterprise customers with connectivity over ExpressRoute.

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Direct cloud connect providing a private connection to two construction workers wearing orange jackets, looking at a tablet

Extend your private cloud connections

With Direct Cloud Connect, Viasat offers enterprise customers a private connection between branch sites and resources you access on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Now remote locations such as oil and gas, mining, or bank branches that have typically been forgotten or left off your cloud networking plans can get a private, more reliable connection to Azure. 

Benefits of Direct Cloud Connect

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Private connectivity

Strengthen your wide area network (WAN) security.

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Network efficiency

Optimize and streamline your cloud investments.

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Cloud at the edge

Directly connect even your hardest-to-reach locations to the cloud.

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Service currently available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.