Diversity and inclusion at Viasat employees marching at Pride

Diversity and inclusion are integral to our workplace

Viasat celebrates all backgrounds, perspectives, and interests

diverse employees talking around a table

Innovation starts with diversity

Viasat connects colleagues in an environment that cultivates respect and inclusivity

We believe that diverse perspectives lead to innovative problem solving that help us connect the world. We strive to create a workplace that ignites the power of diversity and supports the inclusion of new ideas and solutions to meet the needs of our global customers. We want to empower talented, determined team players, from all backgrounds, interests, and life stages.


We’re also committed to providing learning and development around diversity and inclusion topics, and are improving education around our culture, 政策, and expectations. 


Our first-ever Environmental, 社会, and Governance Report (ESG) details our ongoing commitment to and support of diversity and inclusion. 

Employee Resource Groups promote an equal workplace

Viasat veteran employee speaking
Veterans Alliance

Provides recruitment, career growth and resources for military families and our veterans

women tech employees talking
Women in Tech Alliance

Offers a sense of community, connection, and personal and professional development for women at Viasat

latina Viasat employee
Hispanic/Latino Leadership Alliance

Focuses on Hispanic and Latino career advancement, and mentoring youth to maximize their full potential

Black Viasat employee at table during STEM event
Black Professional Alliance

Supports professional development, increased awareness of Black history and culture and the next generation of Black leaders in STEM

Viasat employee holding card during Pride
Pride Alliance

Encourages LGBTQ awareness and education, outreach, and professional development

Viasat employees biking during disability event
Ability Alliance

Provides support and resources for increased disability awareness and education to enable people of all abilities to thrive

South 亚洲n Viasat employees at event
South 亚洲n Alliance

Provides a platform for all our employees through social and professional South 亚洲n influences

Viasat employees mentoring next generation
NextGen Alliance

Mentors the next generation of Viasat leaders who connect with peers and experienced professionals throughout the company

Parent Viasat employees with small kids
Families Helping Families

Builds a community of awareness, education and support for employees at all stages in family life

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